Manufacturing Company

"We have recently undertaken a series of workshops with Inom including Handling Staff Appraisals, Effective Communication and Delegation, and Dealing with Poor Performance and Generating Enthusiasm and Motivation.

We embarked on this programme because we have a number of Senior Managers and Middle Managers who have either not had any formal man-management training or who needed a refresher in these areas and in total this covered approximately 34 employees over 9 sessions plus the review sessions.

All of our attendees have commented on how professional the courses were run, how the examples given were familiar and how greatly they have benefited by being taken out of the busy work environment to focus on these topics.

The most beneficial topic was Dealing with Poor Performance and a number of attendees have said that this has changed immediately the way in which they deal with people, and they no longer shy away from dealing with poor performance and the impact it has on their team.

I have already seen a change in the way people work and a different culture is beginning to develop within the Senior Management Team and Middle Managers.

Thank you!”


Human Resources Manager
Manufacturing Company

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