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I was keen for the management team to undergo some formal training in how to effectively motivate their staff and get them to consistently perform at high standards. 

Inom created a training package to provide managers with coaching on some motivational techniques for staff and some techniques for their role as coaches in the organisation. The training was held in two interactive workshop sessions. The first session covered the following areas:

  • Developing well motivated people
  • Generating people with pride in an organisation
  • The mangers role as a coach
  • Coaching to improve performance

The second session involved managers reporting back on how they had implemented their new skills and the results that had been achieved. The training session encouraged managers to be reflective about their current management style. 

Having undergone the training, which was expertly delivered, the response from the team has been very good. The most notable changes have been:

  • Relationships- managers are taking time to develop and build relationships with staff, not only in their tam but across the company.
  • Praise- all managers are now consciously praising staff and using a variety of ways to deliver this praise.
  • Communication – all departments are now having regular 1 to 1’s with individual staff and regular team meetings.
  • Celebration – the company is undergoing change and it is important to acknowledge and thank everyone for their commitment to implementing the change and celebrate the company moving forward.

The reason I chose Inom was primarily because it offered practical advice to managers and included a follow up session. This ensured managers implemented what they had learned soon after the first training session and had to report back on their results to the whole team. The feedback from managers has been very positive. The training encourages them to be reflective about their own style and gave them practical advice on how to improve motivation and performance within their team.   


HR and Health & Safety Director
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