Inom Bespoke Training


Training delivered and developed for clients. Usually delivered at their premises or at a location of their choice

We work with our clients to build and deliver management training, customer service training and sales training, that really delivers the changes in behaviour that our clients are trying to achieve.

Typically we work by finding out what our clients are trying to achieve, what their current issues are  (if any) and then putting together a training course that addresses those issues and objectives.  Types of topics can be seen by clicking the buttons on the left.


Short sharp sessions with review meetings


Most of our bespoke training is delivered in a series of short sharp sessions (either 2 hours or half a day).

About 2 weeks after each training session we then hold a review meeting to give attendees the opportunity to discuss any practical challenges or issues they may be having with implementing anything they wanted to implement from the training.

We find this approach very effective in getting actual changes in behaviour.

Also, many people do not have the time to attend long training courses away from the office. By breaking the training down into smaller components it enables people to more willingly attend training courses. It also enables them to try new things and then be able to discuss the results with the trainer acting as a coach.

Contact us for breakfast and lunchtime sessions

All our courses are accredited by The CPD Standards Office.

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