Sales training courses


Inom courses specialise in practical and easily applicable skills. Each training session is half a day long to ensure that those skills can be remembered and put into practice in the workplace immediately.

We limit the number of people on each course to ensure optimum benefit and participation for the delegates. All courses are charged at just £195 plus VAT.

All our courses are accredited by The CPD Standards Office.


What people say!


Here are some comments from attendees on our sales training courses:

“It really makes you think about the approaches taken to build relationships and maximise sales”

 “Enjoyed the training. Got a lot from it” 

“Interesting to hear of different ways of selling products and influencing people to buy”

 “Thought provoking, challenged pre-conceived ideas”

 “A very clear and easy to understand course, great examples, very engaging. Ive picked up four or five “new tricks” strategies to help me improve my sales”

 “Very helpful and informative. Everyone could learn something from this course”

 “Explained the consultative sales process with good examples”

“Interesting to get different opinions on how people should approach selling.”

 “Very worthwhile and gives structure to the sales process.”

 “This course is worth the money!”

 “Full of information, very thought provoking and very engaging speaker.”

 “Although I am an experienced salesman, there were still things I could take away from this course.”

 “Gives a better insight to becoming a ‘trusted advisor’ which is what our business is based on.”

“Efficient, well-structured course with real advice from a current salesperson.”

 “Uses real life experience, not simply ideas.”

 “Gave a structure for how to manage sales leads and meetings.”

“Very useful if you are going to make cold calls in your business”

“I’d be surprised if your sales confidence doesn’t improve after being on thiscourse”

“Good practical advice and examples”

“Gave me some very useful ideas on how to get started with cold calling and lots of pointers about the whole process”

“Gives useful and practical solutions to some of the key problems/troubles with cold calling”

“What can you lose? Half a day to make some successful calls has got to be worth it!”

“Very useful and worthwhile, given me the confidence to push forward and make cold calls”

“Useful tips with the time to work on your own script with others input”

“Good tips and information on how to prepare, execute and follow up on cold calling” “Really useful”

“Helpful pointers, some good ideas about adding value. Gave a good structure to what preparation is needed”

“Makes you think about the call and how to successfully achieve that aim”

“This course will help you and your company improve sales”

“Made me think about the approach taken to calls and how to prepare for calls.”

“Interesting and good insight into how to make a cold call.”

“A practical, common sense approach to an age old problem.”

“I now know the best way to start a conversation. I have previously used methods that I now know don’t work”

“The training was worthwhile as I will now look at the customer needs rather than my needs”

“Refreshing approach to what can be a dull subject”

“If you need more confidence with cold calling then this course is recommended”

“It will certainly help if you’re nervous, or need to work on phone skills”

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