Inom Seminars


Inom seminars are short sharp sessions of 2 hours. They run independently and you can join us for either one or  all of them on the same day.

“Effective time and workload management”                                          

 “Techniques to improve the motivation and performance of your people”

" Creating the right culture for your organisation"

They provide excellent value at just £75 plus VAT* per person per seminar.

* London seminars are £95 plus VAT per person per seminar.


Our Seminars


Effective time and workload management

One of the biggest personal challenges managers have to deal with

Join us for a 2 hour seminar and take time out to consider your priorities and workload, discover some tips to address the issues of both time and workload management. 


Creating the right culture for your organisation

One of the biggest factors in team performance and motivation

Join us for a 2 hour seminar to look at your organisation culture. Identify where to focus to make changes that get the people working more effectively. 



What people say!




"Very good tutor"

"Motivating and built confidence"

"Very informative"

"I have been too soft - realise that I got too familiar with my own staff "

"Many new thoughts and ideas"

"Some good tips that I can go away with and use"

"Very worthwhile"

"Punchy" "Covered all the main points"

"Very useful focused training"

"Gave opportunity to step back from day to day pressures"


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